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Sunbed Hire Dundee - Start your own business


Start your own sunbed hire business in Dundee
A new Sunbed company desperately needed in Dundee
Full support provided, not a franchise or
get rich scheme ! Genuine. We are in Birmingham
and need companies across UK to assist.


member added on 10 September 2013

Sunbed Hire Dundee - Start your own business

SUNBED HIRE DUNDEE- Start Your own business.

Your could be earning money next week delivering sunbeds on hire across DUNDEE. You could be in business as early as next week !!

Low Set up costs, full advice. Your business, not a franchise.

We help start new sunbed hire companies. There are lots of opportunities and DUNDEE is desperate for a new sunbed hire company as there is not one taking advantage of this prime advertising space. We have a long history of sunbed hire, and have helped many start up in this easy run business.
Take the first step, email us and we will call you back.


There are great opportunities to start a sunbed hire business in Dundee

We have worked with many people over the years, and can assist you in starting YOUR OWN sunbed hire business in DUNDEE.

It is not a Franchise, where you own the sunbed hire territory of DUNDEE.

It will be your sunbed hire business, your sunbeds, and your responsibility to make it a success. What we do is promote your business around DUNDEE and the surrounding areas using our exclusive sunbed hire directory.

So if you found this advert whilst looking for a sunbed in DUNDEE, then just think how many others are !

This could be a part time business to start with. Deliveries can be arranged of an evening or weekend to begin with, and then you grow the business to suit you.

It is ideal if you have a garage to store equipment, and an estate car or van will be required.

We can build your website, assist with creating a corporate image and brand for you and really make sure that you can make your sunbed hire business a success.

We offer advice, support and our knowledge of the sunbed hire business to lead you along the successful road.

This is a low set up venture.

For more information please email info@sunbedhire.co.uk

We look forward to hearing from you.


We can help by providing the following services.

- website design
- promotional items
- business advice
- sourcing of sunbeds, and other products

On going support.

You could be trading in DUNDEE very soon.